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The Nevada Folk Artist Roster members and the lesson plans and classroom activities below introduce some of the diverse cultural communities that enrich Nevada’s rural, suburban, and urban landscapes. The roster includes traditional artists who have lived in Nevada for generations and others who have moved here from different regions of the United States or from other countries. Each of them represents the folklife and traditional arts of a community. The resources on this page were developed to supplement classroom and community presentations by these artists.

Since everyone has folk traditions, folklife is an easily accessible subject in the classroom. Students can make connections between the past and the present by understanding the functions and significance of living traditions and folk expressions in their own communities. They learn more about themselves, their families, their neighbors, and the world we all share.

Lesson Plans and Activities: Folklife in the Classroom

Lesson Plans and Links: Traditional Arts and Artists

Folklife Education Consultant: Jeanne Harrah Johnson

Folklife Resources for Educators - an online portal for educators working in K-12 and undergraduate education. It provides access to resources for teaching about aspects of folklife, culture, and the traditional arts, with a focus on place-based and community-based teaching materials….

Local Learning: The National Network for Folk Arts in EducationLocal Learning is a network of folklorists, folk artists, and educators that works to engage young people with their own traditional culture and with the local culture and folklore of their families, regions, and the larger world. The organization’s web-based resources are designed to prepare young people, their teachers, and their families to discover, research, and draw on traditional culture and local knowledge to enrich education and create stronger communities. Use The Seasonal Round, their first Local Learning Lesson, as an introduction to folk arts and folklore for any age group. Click here to download a pdf of the new Local Learning publication Incorporating K-12 Education and Folklore, by Paddy Bowman,

 Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture - Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture empowers educators to teach about local culture.  A goal of WTLC is for students to understand their own culture and develop respect for other cultures.  Local culture has connections to all aspects of the curriculum and WTLC supports using a variety of methods to incorporate local culture. Lesson plans and model projects included.

For further information on the Nevada Folklife Roster, please contact: Patricia Atkinson, Folklife Program Coordinator or Rebecca Snetselaar, Folklife Program Associate.