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Report for FY13

Report for FY12
Report for FY10
Count the Ways: Nevada Arts Council Grants and Services FY2010
The grants and services provided by the Nevada Arts Council (NAC) in FY2010 and identified in this abbreviated Annual Report speak to the lasting value of a very modest investment of public dollars in Nevada’s cultural industry. For each grant and service listed, there are dozens of other stories—all critical contributions to Nevada. The arts are celebrated throughout the Silver State—in small towns, rural areas, and in major metropolitan centers—sustaining individual curiosity, empowering group participatory experiences, benefiting local economies and providing critical educational opportunities. In support of, and in partnership with our grantees and constituents, the Nevada Arts Council remains resolute in its mission to promote the public value of the arts for those who live in and visit our great state.

Report for FY08
From global exports to local investments, the new American economy depends on imagination, innovation, and creativity, and those are the skills that artists develop, nurture, and promote. Isn’t it time that the nation notices?

With a commitment to pay it forward, the NAC worked throughout FY08 and into the present fiscal year, assisting the state’s arts and cultural nonprofit sector to prepare for the ‘economic tsunami.’ In tough economic times, the value of the arts becomes more apparent—bringing us together, raising our spirits and strengthening the social, economic and educational aspects of our communities. No different than any business sector, Nevada’s creative industry is buffering from the recession—yet it is no less ready to serve the public in this time of need.

Back to fiscal year 2008—consider this Annual Report as the preface to a hefty volume of compelling stories, created by hundreds of organizations and artists who represent thousands working in Nevada’s creative industry. The list of grants awarded and services provided by NAC clearly demonstrates the lasting value of a very modest investment of public dollars to provide Nevadans a rich tapestry of cultural experiences.

Report for FY07
Nevada Arts Council's 40th Anniversary

The last six months of fiscal year 2007 were the first six months of the Nevada Arts Council’s 40th Anniversary. To celebrate this auspicious birthday, we accomplished several critical tasks to better support Nevada’s remarkable and growing cultural sector. was launched—thanks to a collaboration of the Nevada Alliance for Arts Education, Nevada Arts Advocates, Nevada Citizens for the Arts,The Estipona Group, Nevada Arts Council and Western States Arts Federation. Through, citizen arts advocates across the state spoke convincingly during the 2007 legislative session. Nevada’s elected officials listened and responded with an additional $425,000 to the Nevada Arts Council (NAC) for the biennium.This increase allowed the NAC to award FY08 grantees the funding levels recommended by panelists for the first time in many years. Now a model for other state’s advocacy efforts, will expand its communication and advocacy capacities throughout FY08.

This year's Annual Report presents a snapshot of these Arts Council artivites and more, and reveals that the arts are celebrated throughout the Silver State in small ttowns, rural areas, and in major metropolitan centers - sustaining individual curiosity and empowering group participatory experiences.

Report for FY06
I envision a state that encourages and sustains arts groups of all types. It is a state that proudly promotes the many and varied cultural opportunities and shows that the arts are a vital part of our quality of life. — PARTICIPANT, NEVADA ARTS COUNCIL’S STATEWIDE PLANNING SURVEY, 2002

The Nevada Arts Council is pleased to present it’s Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2006, revealing an abundance of cultural activities in our state—the vision of young artists, innovative community design projects, inspiring classical music and jazz concerts, traveling exhibitions, the first draft of a play, a student's learning of math through the arts, celebrations of our diversity, passing on of traditions, and much more.This, in a state that was for years considered culture-less by those outside our borders.The statistics and data in this report demonstrate a wealth of culture in our state— much of it due to public funding of the arts through the Nevada Arts Council.