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The Grants Program reflects a significant commitment by the State of Nevada to support the creation of art and access to the arts for its citizens. NAC grants support the efforts of nonprofit arts and community organizations, public institutions and individual artists to make cultural activities and experience widely available to those who live in or visit Nevada. 

The reach of this program is expansive - grant recipients are found in every corner of the state, and sponsor activities such as exhibitions, concerts, festivals and film series. Grant monies also support Nevada's dance, opera and theatre companies; symphonies, orchestras and choral groups, and local arts councils statewide. Though a NAC grant may be a small percentage of an organization’s total budget, the importance of these dollars reaches far beyond actual cash value - serving as a catalyst for other public and private support.

WHAT'S NEW? - New Webinars for the Fall!

Registration now open for Fall Grants Webinars View schedule HERE.

Attendees to workshops and webinars will be introduced to the Nevada Arts Council grants program, its Grants Online grants management system, and the qualities required of a competitive grant application. With the increase in competition for NAC grants dollars and continued reduction in the NAC’s grants budget, it is strongly recommended that both new applicants and current grantees attend a workshop and/or listen to our webinars.  Our goal is to have both novice and experienced grant writers gain valuable information, reduce anxiety about ”getting it right” and build confidence in knowing that they can produce a strong grant application. Please continue to check our calendar for future webinars and workshop updates and postings.

Top SIX Grant Panelists' General Comments


Our FY14 grant panelists made several comments consistently throughout the process regarding many different applications.  Here are the top six comments - keep them in mind as you construct your next grant application!

  1. Provide specifics about your programming.  If it will take up too much room in the narrative, hit the highlights and include a full programming list/calendar and descriptions in the support materials.  Even if you aren't sure about next year's programming - artists haven't confirmed, evaluations haven't been submitted, etc. - put in as much as you can.  For example, listing artists you are attempting to contract is better than stating that you will be attempting to contract with "some artists" for next year.
  1. Provide information on your artistic discipline - the history, tradition, and relevance to community and audience - especially if it is unique.
  1. Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is a plus - and almost necessary in today's world.  Applicants using social media were praised; applicants not using social media were not.
  1. Back up statements with data - if you claim that your audience increased last year, tell us how much.  Data makes your story authentic; be careful, however, and remember too much superfluous data bogs down the application and covers your story with numbers. Balance.
  1. Support from your community - both in audience and donations - is essential. Keep track of in-kind donations throughout the year: volunteer hours, goods donated, professional hours, etc. We require it on our applications and this is the real amount of what your project costs to execute. We suggest that you create a report form for those who provide you in-kind services and/or goods a form to report to identify what the cash value of the donations.
  1. Support Materials can make or break your application.  Quality of video, audio and images is more important than quantity, so seriously consider hiring a professional to document your work this year.
  1. Prepare now and throughout the fall season for your grant application packet next year!



Quarterly grants support new or exemplary art projects by nonprofit arts and non-arts organizations, public institutions and artists.

Annual/Biennial grants support programming and operations of Nevada’s established nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. Read more

Annual grants support arts activities and projects of nonprofit non-arts organizations and public institutions that are integral to the applicant’s mission and goals and are achieved through community partnerships. Read more


Professional Development 

Technical Assistance
  • The Grants Program provides guidance, referrals and research to existing grantees and new applicants on a variety of topics such as budget development, evaluations and grant management.
Email Blasts
  • Grants Program Coordinator periodically sends out informational Email Blasts to all constituents regarding updates to the grants program, deadlines and workshop dates. If interested in getting these announcements, send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Let us know that you want to receive these announcements - indicate your organizations name and contact information.


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