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The NAC is incorporating its Advance Review as part of the annual grant application process to help applicants improve their applications and check for mistakes or omissions that might cause ineligibility. Staff reviews narrative and budget sections, and support material for consistency and compliance. Feedback is provided to the applicant in time to meet the final submission deadline. Deadlines for Advance Reviews are listed in the Grant Categories section (pages 19–38).
A completed application must be submitted through Grants Online™ for an Advance Review. An Advance Review does not guarantee funding.

Beginning with the FY15 grants cycle:
  • An Advance Review is required for applicants declared ineligible or not funded last year (FY14) in the Arts Learning Project, Partners in Excellence (PIE) and Project Grant categories. In FY16, an Advance Review will be required for applicants that were declared ineligible or not funded in FY15, or have not applied for a NAC grant in the past two years.
  • Failure to comply with the Advance Review requirement will result in disqualification from submitting an application in the above mentioned grant categories.