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All Nevada Arts Council (NAC) grant applications, support material and final reports must be submitted through Grants Online™, our online grants management system. GO™ guides you through the application process by a combination of help screens, links to instructions, and checks for math and other errors.  If you need help using GO™ please contact NAC staff at 702.486.3700 or 775.687.6680.
  • Follow GO™ instructions to:
    • register
    • create your applicant profile
    • answer narrative questions
    • complete the budget section
    • upload support material
    • submit the completed application



GO™ Submission Deadline: See calendar for dates.

Grant Amount: Artist Fellowship grants of $5,000 and Honorable Mention grants of $500 awarded in each of three categories – literary, performing and visual arts.
Required Match: No match required.
The Artist Fellowship Grant is awarded annually to outstanding individual artists living in Nevada who demonstrate excellence in their work. Twelve-month Fellowships can provide time, supplies and materials, and living expenses for artists working in the visual, literary and performing arts.


GO™ Submission Deadline: See calendar for dates.
The Folklife Apprenticeship Program encourages the continuation of Nevada’s diverse traditional culture by providing grants to skilled master artists to teach committed apprentices through intensive instruction in their art form. A master artist works with one or two apprentices during a one-year period. 
Grant Amount: Between $500 and $2,000. See Guidelines and Instructions for details and important information about how to apply.
Required Match: No match required. 
Eligibility: A Master Artist must be a Nevada resident, at least 21 years of age and recognized in his or her community as an exemplary practitioner of the particular art form. Apprentices must be Nevada residents, at least 16 years old, with intermediate level experience in the folk art form they wish to continue learning.  
How to Apply: View and download the Application Form to get started, then contact Folklife Program staff to discuss your project and submission requirements!
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FY14 Jackpot Grants — NAC Fiscal Year:  July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014  See calendar for dates.   

FY15 Jackpot Grants — NAC Fiscal Year:  July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015  See calendar for dates.  

Quarterly Jackpot Grants support new or exemplary art projects by nonprofit arts and non-arts organizations, schools, public institutions or artists that take place during a three month period. (For example, apply for the First Quarter Jackpot Grant to support projects/activities scheduled between July 1 – September 30.)

Jackpot Grants support arts education projects that are designed and implemented by teaching artists, nonprofit arts and non-arts organizations, schools or public institutions. Examples of eligible projects include: art exhibitions, performances, readings and concerts, sponsoring of arts-related workshops and conferences, marketing and promotional activities, and planning, implementation, and/or evaluation of arts education programs for school-aged students or other target participants. 
Grant Amount: Up to $1,000. Required Match: No match for individuals. 1:1 cash match for organizations.
Eligibility: Individual artists of all disciplines, including folk and traditional artists and community scholars, and teaching artists.
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FY14 GO™ Submission Deadline: See calendar for dates.

Nevada Heritage Awards were created to recognize and celebrate our state’s living cultural treasures. These individuals embody the highest level of artistic achievement in their work and the highest level of service in the teaching and other work they do in their communities to ensure that their traditions stay strong. These awards are given to individuals for their lifelong record of artistic excellence, authenticity, and significance. One or two awards are presented each year, depending on the application pool and availability of funds. Please contact Folklife Program Staff regarding potential nominations prior to submitting online. 
Grant Amounts: $3,500.
Required Match: No match required.
Eligibility: Heritage Award honors and recognizes Nevada master folk and traditional artists who, at the  highest level of excellence and authenticity, carry forward the folk traditions of their families and communities through practice and teaching. A “community” can be defined as a group of people who share common cultural elements, such as ethnicity, tribal heritage, national origin, occupation, religious belief, geographic area, or  traditional art form. All nominees must be residents of Nevada and must be living at the time of their nomination. The Nominee must have a social security number in order to receive the cash award. 


GO™ Submission Deadline: A minimum of one month prior to the activity for which funds are requested, unless authorized by NAC. Available on a first-come, first-served and reimbursement basis throughout the year while funds are available.
Professional Development Grant (PDG) promotes the continuing education of Nevada’s nonprofit arts industry to advance their work and careers through attendance at regional or national conferences, workshops, or seminars for skills training. For artists, educators, board members, and arts administrators, PDG funds cover costs associated with professional development activities on a reimbursement basis. Must demonstrate travel of at least 100 miles round-trip to qualify.
Grant Amount: Up to $650 for out-of-state activities, up to $500 for in-state opportunities and up to $350 to attend NAC sponsored activities. 
Required Match: No match required.
Eligibility: Individual artists of all disciplines, including fold and traditional artists and community scholars, teaching artists, arts educators.
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