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Stephen Trimble
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Craig L. Newbill, Executive Director
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Office of Archaeological Studies
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Arts Education RosterPam Lujan Hauer
Visual Arts

5300 Arvilla Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM  87110
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Artist Statement
Pam feels blessed to be continuing her family’s tradition of Pueblo pottery making.  Her art is an integral part of her Pueblo heritage.  She is currently working in four native clays in addition to producing traditional Taos micaceous pieces.  Her paints are native clay slips and minerals.  For firing she uses an electric kiln and or traditional pit firing with cedar wood.  She honors her tribal traditions by making Taos pieces, while also experimenting with new clay sources and firing techniques.  Some of her most current works incorporate a process she invented of inlaying silver into clay.  This process is employed on pottery vessels, sculptures and in jewelry.  She successfully pit fired her silver inlay in 2000 and has been refining her methods since that time.  In the future she intends to expand her use of inlaid silver in clay jewelry and into wall mounted art pieces.  She wants to contribute to the evolution of pueblo pottery as an art form while continuing to honor her ancestors by producing traditional Taos pieces.  Her future goals include learning to weld in order to expand her sculptures to one–of-a-kind metal creations.  Another goal is to become proficient at photographing her work, for slides, catalogs, and brochures in order to better present her work to the public.

Workshops/Residencies/Activities for Youth
Hand Building, Finishing & Pit Firing Techniques
Techniques of Creating Pueblo Pottery
Pottery Appreciation
Ancient Skills of Coil Building

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